How I Lost My Kidneys In China

A Twenty-Five Year

Overindulgent Odyssey

From Student to Adventurer to Terrifying Health Crisis

How I Lost My Kidneys In China

About the Book

HOW I LOST MY KIDNEYS IN CHINA recounts the story of an adventurous Randall Flores, who learned Mandarin in 1987 and enrolled at Peking University in 1990. After graduating, he relocated to Taiwan to teach English for two years. Since his true calling was on the mainland, he moved to Hong Kong in 1994 to find a job working as a country liaison for a footwear company. He spent the next two decades traveling to hundreds of factories in fifteen provinces. During his travels, eager factory employees tried to gauge his resistance by offering him a potent grain alcohol called “baijiu.” One by one, Randall fends them off to be the last man standing. His exciting journey took a turn when his excessive drinking contributed to kidney failure. From that point forward, he was subject to the socialist health care system of the People’s Republic.

This book tells a cautionary tale and describes a changing China. As the country speeds into the twenty-first century, it leaves a backward and awkward past. With his keen insight, Randall provides a detailed account that will enlighten and entertain you.ed account that will leave you enlightened and entertained.

How I Lost My Kidneys In China
How I Lost My Kidneys In China


“Such extraordinary recollections are forwarded in an entertaining manner… The prose is animated and lively…[Randall] relays travels abroad with flair and humor.” —Foreword Clarion Reviews (starred review)

“An eye-opening memoir…You can't help but watch and be fascinated…We're constantly on edge and on our toes.”—Outstanding Creator Awards (starred review) 

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